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Lying on your bed just like every other night,
There is something that'd give grown men fright,
There's a black figure stalking in the night,
And it won't go away until dark turns to light,
It's the very thing that we all give up breathing,
It's the latest toy it's a werewolf being,
It's so scary and it's breathing in the night,
The creature jumps off and it takes to flight,

You can scream all you want to but that won't scare,
Too small for a dragon but too large for a bear,
Leave your lights turned on and turn up your favorite song,
Call in your parents but they won't help you now,
You've gone too far so you can't get back out,
It's not that silly monster in your closet,
Your Aunt's picture in your heart shaped locket,
No old black magic or any trick of the mind,
It pulls you in and soon you're entwined





I virkeligheden bryder jeg mig slet ikke om den amerikanske Halloween.
Selv om det for det meste er blevet til noget der bliver holdt for boernenes skyld.
Jeg synes det er at goere grin med doeden og de doede.
I Danmark fejrer vi Alle Helgens Dag.
En dag, hvor der holdes Gudstjeneste, og man kan mindes sine kaere, der er gaaet forud
ved at taende lys for dem.
Det synes jeg giver god mening, for mig.


Designed by Marion Nanna Burrell all Right reserved 2018