Here is my WebSet 2 Lesson 64

I call it Dancing Girl


She seems like a happy young girl.
With those teeth as white as pearls.
She's as beautiful as an angel queen.
But there's a lot that isn't seen.

Deep inside she's screaming and crying.
She climbs and falls but keeps on trying.
She's a strong girl as far as you can tell.
But really all she wants to do is yell.

She paints on the pretty fake smile.
But you'd only know if you walked with her a mile.
Which I've done if not more.
I know about her every little sore.

The only girl i truly love.
She reminds me of a dove.
Completely flawless and smooth skin.
All she wants to be is thin.
I say she has a perfect body.

But then she calls me a little naughty.
She's the perfect girl in the world.
Only if you know that girl.
The one with the dark brown eyes.
The one with the pearly lies.



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